I Worked as FULL TIME Fashion / Product Photographer – Storytime

I have always been interested and open to trying different photography related jobs.
In 2019 I already had around 6-7 years of experience as a freelance photographer, working with private clients.

I came across this listing for a fashion / product photographer and the job description sounded quite nice.
I knew from the beginning that I am most probably over qualified… and I also noticed that the pay wasn’t great,
but I still decided to give this position a try.

One thing that I forgot to mention in the video – part of my training was doing the assessment’s job.
When the previous girl came to tell me her “formula” for taking the photos,
I was doing the assistants job and she was taking the photos.

Also there was at least a week where I had to do everything by myself
– both parts, the assistant’s part and the photography part. So I learned exactly how things were from their end too,
and yes this part was tiring, actually what was most tiring was doing both parts alone. But my main goal was always to produce a good looking photograph, no matter how tired I get… I just wished that at least one of the assistants was a bit like that too. What they were required to do was explained in the job description, they had the chance to try it and decide if it is right for them or not.

Few months after doing this job, I was hired as a photography educator.

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