What are Focusing (Macro) Rails and what do they do ?

In this video I am explaining what focusing rails are, what dey do, when they are usually used.
I am also mentioning what their strongest features are, going over the different types
and versions of focusing rails and I am showing show each one works.

Video Timetable:
00:00 – Intro
00:31 – What are Focusing Rails and what do they do ?
01:43 – When are Focusing Rails usually used ?
02:08 – Best features of Focusing Rails
02:59 – Types of Focusing Rails
04:55 – Versions of Focusing Rails
05:21 – Manual Focusing Rail
07:16 – Automated Focusing Rail
08:29 – Digital Focusing Rail
11:46 – Focus Bracketing and Camera Shutters

4. DIY Focusing Rails

There is one more version of a Focusing rail that I accidentally forgot to mention in the video, and that is the DIY rail.
A lot of macro photographers make their own rails. I have been curios to make one but I never really got around doing it.
I don’t have the right wood cutting tools but there are other materials or items, that could be used, such as – vice for example 🙂


Android apps that allow focus control with the earbuds:

Those apps allow focus control with the earbuds but do not allow remote photo capturing – I tried using the earbuds and a smartphone camera remote shutter and both options didn’t work with either of the apps… I am going to continue searching for a better app that allows focus control and remote photo capture with the earbuds.

I was also looking for IOS apps but they were all paid so I didn’t buy one just to check…

Many thanks to:

My Macro & Focus Stacking Facebook Photography Groups:

Mentioned products ↓

I did mention the ‘auto’ bellows and that is the system →

Remember that in this case auto only means that there are auto focusing capabilities – meaning that the connection between the camera and lens is preserved.

This can be useful when you work with a camera that has built-in focus bracketing and you need the connection so the software focusing rail can still work. My personal opinion is that this system is severely overpriced but I wanted to add it so that you know about this option too.

Novoflex Universal Compact Macro Bellows (BAL-F) – $499.00

Novoflex Reverse Macro Adapter for Canon EOS Lenses (EOS-RETRO) – $399.00


Manual Macro Rail – $11.90

Macro Bellows for Canon – $29.99

Earbuds & volume buttons – $16.45

Smartphone camera remote – $5.99

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