Photographing The Moon – Which Setup Gives Best Results? 2016 – 2020

People have asked me – how I photograph the moon and I have been meaning
to make a video on that topic – and it’s finally done 🙂

This video took me 3 days to create and it turned out to be over 20 min long…

I am showing the photos I got with each setup, the settings I was using, BTS clips
and comparison between the focus stacked images and the single shot images.

In the last four years I have been able to photograph the moon with –

5 different Cameras:

  • Canon 600D

  • Canon 760D

  • Sony a58

  • Canon M6

  • Sony DSC-H400

4 different Telephoto Lenses:

  •  Sigma DG 70 – 300mm

  • Sony 55 – 300mm

  • Canon 55 – 250mm

  • No Brand 420 – 800mm

You can see my favorite moon photographs HERE


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