My Micro Setup – DSLR Camera & Microscope Objective, Cheap Setup | Macro Photography

My Focus Stacking Micro Photography Setup – my favorite so far 🙂
Yes you can have a micro setup on a budget 🙂

Micro photography, or the slightly outdated term – photomicrography,
is a type of photography for which a microscope objective lens is used.

I have another blog post about the differences between Micro, Macro & Closeup photography.

Watch the video to see how I attached a microscope objective to my DSLR camera and to view the setup in action.

I had bellows for Canon and I used a vacuum vice to hold them.
The vacuum didn’t work too well – it didn’t hold for long enough to last throughout a whole stack,
so I wasn’t using it very often. But I did make sure that the vice weighs enough to hold my setup in place.

This is the bellows held by the vice.
It’s 140mm bellows and it functions exactly like a manual macro rail.
It is controlled by that knob with the twisty arrows that you see on the picture.

There are Finite-corrected and Infinity-corrected Microscope Objectives aka Finite or Infinite / Infinity.
The one I have in this setup and actually the only one I have used so far is – Finite.
In the video I mention briefly one of the main differences between the two.

This model of microscope objective needs to be at least 160mm away from the camera sensor to work.
The bellows that I had were 140mm, so in order to achieve the 160mm distance I added a M42 extension tube.

This is my camera, then the bellows, then the Canon EOS to M42 adapter,
then the M42 extension tube, then the RMS adapter and finally the microscope objective.


Mentioned products ↓

Canon EOS T6s / 760D – $614.95

Macro Bellows for Canon – $29.99

M42 to Canon EOS adapter – $10.33

M42 Extension Tube – $13.99

M42 to RMS Adapter – $8.99

4X Microscope Objective – $21.99

Canon Shutter Release – $8.59

Helping Hands – $7.99

Vacuum Base Vice – $19.98

Precision Tweezers Set – $6.99

Flexible Desk Lamp – $13.18

12W LED Light Bulbs – $16.99

Mini Flash Softboxes – $11.19

Foam Diffuser Cups – $6.99 

Diffuser Cups – $9.99

Focus Stacks Done With this Setup



After using this Setup for a while I had to move temporarily and I built a new Mirrorless Camera Focus Stacking Macro Setup

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  • Warren Jan 14, 2021, 7:52 pm

    In awe. That’s amazing. So cool you don’t need to use a camera lens.
    I got to try this for the tiny diamonds I want to photograph.

    • Estee White Jan 16, 2021, 2:08 pm

      Thank you, sure give it a try, hope it works well for you 🙂