How to Mount Extension Tubes & Reverse Lens for Macro on Canon Camera

Mounting extension tubes & reverse ring for macro photography on a Canon camera.

This video is related to a question that I was requested to answer on Quora and
I thought that it is a good idea to have a video that is actually showing how the parts fit together.

I am going over the Canon EF-S mounts and the Canon EF-M mounts and
also adding few words about the T-mount adapters.

I have been using the extension tubes combined with reversed lens for two of my macro setups.
The first one was my transitional macro setup when I first decided to switch form using a smartphone
to using a DSLR camera.


Featured products ↓

Extension Tubes, manual focus 
– $9.95

Extension Tubes, auto focus
– $17.99

58 mm Reverse Ring – $7.95

49 mm Reverse Ring – $7.95

EF-S to EF-M Adapter – $39.00

Canon EF-S 55-250mm Lens – $279.99

Canon EF-S
18-55mm Lens
– $118.99

Canon EF-M
15-45mm Lens
– $299.00

T-Mount Adapter
( not needed for extension tube )
– $12.95

420-800mm Super Telephoto Lens – $109.99 ( it’s ok )

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