Macro & Focus Stacking

Macro photography is a very unique and precise genre of photography, it is different than regular photography.
This is why I created a separate page devoted to Macro / Micro Photography and the process of Focus Stacking, which usually follows.

I have been doing macro & focus stacking since 2015, almost 6 years and you can have a look at the different setups that I’ve used.
I gathered a lot of information in easy to understand videos & posts, that include a lot of examples and photo comparisons.

Here you can find answers to the following questions:
What is macro magnification and how it’s calculated ?
• How to measure macro magnification in camera or in Photoshop ?
What is the difference between closeup, macro and micro photography ?
What is focus stacking ? Including a video showing the whole process.
What are focusing rails and what do they do ?
and much more – just explore below ↓

My Micro, Macro & Extreme Closeup Focus Stacking Setups

Macro Videos

why auto focus macro not good estee white photography youtube video
cheapest macro lens in the world estee white photography youtube
how much macro magnification reverse lens extension tube

Focus Stacking Videos

Photography DIYs

DIY headlight on tripod macro photography lighting
estee esther white photography diy led light



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