Macro & Focus Stacking

Macro photography is a very unique and precise genre of photography, it is different than regular photography.
This is why I created a separate page devoted to Macro / Micro Photography and the process of Focus Stacking, which usually follows.

I have been doing macro & focus stacking since 2015, almost 6 years and you can have a look at the different setups that I’ve used.
I gathered a lot of information in easy to understand videos & posts, that include a lot of examples and photo comparisons.

Here you can find answers to the following questions:
What is macro magnification and how it’s calculated ?
• How to measure macro magnification in camera or in Photoshop ?
What is the difference between closeup, macro and micro photography ?
What is focus stacking ? Including a video showing the whole process.
What are focusing rails and what do they do ?
and much more – just explore below ↓

My Micro, Macro & Extreme Closeup Focus Stacking Setups


Macro Videos

Mobile Macro Photography

Focus Stacking Videos

Photography DIYs