LED Selfie Ring Light – Does if fit a standard Camera Lens? | Photography Lighting

Ever since I saw one of the clip on LED selfie ring lights I started wondering:
– How powerful is it ? – How big is it ? – Can it fit my camera lens somehow?

I started searching for videos that show whether this ring light can fit a camera lens
but I wasn’t able to find any… so I made one 🙂

I got the ring light I measured it – the outer circle and the inner circle too, and here is what I found out:

The ring light I have is not very powerful.

It doesn’t clearly state how many watts it is but according to my calculations from the provided info on the package it is only – 1 Watt

Which it ok for subjects placed close to the lens.
I have tried it for macro outdoors and indoors and I am satisfied with the results.

Of course there are different models and they may be slightly different in shape and size.
Here is a link to the LED ring light that I got ↓

LED Selfie Clip On Ring Light – $12.89

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