I Was Hired as a Photography Educator Storytime | Photography Experience

In December 2019,
after being a photographer for around 7 years,
I was hired as a photography educator.

Like a lot of my videos, this one I also created with quite a bit of delay.
There were just so many things happening, and I wasn’t even sure if
I wanted to make this video because it really isn’t such a big deal.

This story is a bit similar to my other storytime, about working as a full time fashion / product photographer.
The similarity is that I have been helping others and sharing my knowledge for a very long time, and just because I get hired to do it shouldn’t matter so much. What I teach and what I do still remains the same, whether it’s done in a formal way or not.

Featured animals ↓ and yes they did give me their consent 😉 and I gave them a nice meal as compensation


Featured products ↓

Camera Lens
Coffee Thermos Cup – $7.98

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