How to Accurately Measure Macro Magnification on a Mobile Phone | Mobile Macro Photography


I already talked about understanding & measuring macro magnification when using a digital camera, and if you are new to macro photography I recommend that you have a look at that post first because there I go into more details about how macro magnification is calculated an what the 1:1 ratio stands for.

But if you are already familiar with macro magnification or if you have seen the video already,
you can carry on here where I go over few more things, that are specific to using a mobile phone.

Vide Timetable:

00:00 – Intro
00:26 – Measuring Macro Magnification on mobile Phone
00:50 – Sensor Formats on Mobile Devices
01:23 – Smartphone Sensors Chart
01:29 – 1:1 True Macro – Image Size : Object Size in Real Life
01:59 – Mobile Phones Typically Have Wide Angle Lenses
02:34 – Digital Camera Macro vs Mobile Phone Camera “Macro”
03:44 – “Macro” Lenses for Mobile Phones
04:58 – Digital Zoom / Cropping HAS NO PLACE when Measuring Macro Magnification !
05:25 – My Experience and Errors in Calculating Mobile Macro Magnification


For some reason there is a lot of confusion when it
comes to mobile macro photography –
most of the photos that you see online labeled as
“macro” shots, taken with a smartphone,
are actually just closeups.


Same goes for the so called “macro” lenses for mobile phones
– they are simply closeup lenses. That includes all the clip on lenses and the
built in “macro” lens that the newer smartphones have.


Part of the people get confused because it is not so easy to figure what the exact size of the mobile camera sensor is and that throws off their calculations (my case). Another part don’t know that macro is not just a loosey goosey term and there is an actual difference between closeup, macro and micro photography.
And of course there are people that just don’t care about what they produce and publish online…

It took me a while until I found the correct size of the sensor of the phone that I was using for my focus stacking photography. So to save everyone a bit of time I included a size chart and below it I added a link to the source website from which I copied the information.

Smartphone Camera Sensor Size / Format / Type Chart

Once you know the actual size of your smartphone camera sensor you can do your accurate macro magnification measurements. Hope that you found my post helpful and that you will consider sharing it so that more people can see this information.

Thank you for stopping by 🙂


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