How I Got Into Photography

Photography has been part of my life ever since I can remember.

My father was a film photographer and we always had a designated ‘dark room’ at home, even though we moved several times.

It was much later on in life when I realized how important the art of image capturing is to me.

I always liked snapping photos but the point when I transitioned from a gal with a camera to a photographer was back in 2012.

This is when I started building my first website using weebly 🙂

It was a fashion oriented website – online store featuring my DIY wrap bracelets & other little items that I had sown or knitted + a fashion blog.

I took a lot of photos of my bracelets and I was also taking photos of myself which was quite tricky at the time because I had an idea of what I wanted the photos to look like bu I wasn’t sure how to achieve that effect.

Now I know that all I wanted was a full body portrait with shallow dof, pleasing background and specific close ups.

I tried taking photos indoors and then out doors and I wasn’t getting what I wanted and I knew that a big reason for that was – not having a proper camera.

I couldn’t invest in one at that time and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to so I considered getting someone else to take the photos of me, for me 🙂

I asked family members & friends to help… and I still wasn’t getting the results I wanted.

So I started contacting photographers hoping that finally I can get things going the way I want. That turned out to be was more challenging than I expected.

I found a couple of photographers and then I moved to a different country so I had to do the search all over again.

I learned quickly that the attitude of the local photographers is not what I am looking for. I had to explain to them what fashion blogging is because they were absolutely not aware that such thing exists. I tried to come up with a reasonable deal but that didn’t happen.

I still remember the last conversation I had with a local photographer that I was considering hiring. I told him that I need outfit photos, once a week to begin with and if things go well maybe more frequently.

I showed him the style of photography and the overall look of the photos that I would like to get. I showed him examples from Wendy’s Lookbook – a great fashion blogger that I find very inspiring.

I tried to negotiate with him a sensible price. I tried to tell him that I don’t want him to capture a big once in a lifetime event, I just need small, frequent photoshoots.

I said that I need 5 photos the most from each one and I was asking him to adjust the price to suit the model of work. I was prepared to pay his full rate but all I asked for was to split the payment and the photosoot into 4 mini sessions.

What he said to me was that – first of all I could never get photos looking like the examples that I showed him because the model is different and the place is different so it will never look like that…

That annoyed me so much because I was aware of that and I never asked for an exact copy – of course that would be impossible, I was just showing him the style of work and the type of photography that I need.

Anyways, he went on saying that he cannot split the photoshoot like that because the price becomes too low and it’s not worth it for him to get all of his gear ready and leave the house for such a small amount of money.

Oh, gosh…

But wait, there is more… He came up with a suggestion – he said that it would be best if I just bring all my 4 outfits and just change somewhere… like in the middle of the street or something… and this way it can be done all at once.

Yeah, after that conversation – I was done looking for photographers in this country. It has been 5 years and I still don’t get the local photographer’s attitude towards photography.

I took some time to think what I actually want to do next. My brief experience of just modeling for my fashion blog, without taking the actual photos made me realize that I do not enjoy modeling all that much… I actually found it quite boring after a while.

This is when I decided that it is time to take matters into my own hands. I still couldn’t afford a good camera so for the first 2 years I was using equipment that I borrowed – any way I can.

My work changed so much in those two years… I wasn’t into photographing myself so much any more. I started photographing the world – really everything and anything.

And I started learning – lighting patterns, the rule of thirds, exposure triangle, how the equipment works, started trying different styles and moods and more.

In 2015 I bought my first DSLR 🙂 Oh it was such a happy day for me – finally to have a camera that is my own. I got Canon EOS 600D which had a lot of good reviews online for photography and for videos and by then I was already making youtube videos from time to time.

I started getting paid for my work a little bit before I got my first DSLR and I have been a professional photographer for almost five years.

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