GOT Composite Photography – Me as Daenerys with Drogon

Well the internet is flooded with game of thrones related content…
I have been thinking of creating a composite photography of me as Daenerys for a while…
I guess watching the finale and watching video reactions to the finale for 2-3 days finally got to me…

Daenerys was and still is one of my favorite characters – apart from the going mad part
and I am quite sad about her ending.

I didn’t make a video of creating this composite because technically it was just
a face swap – done in photoshop of course and not some silly app…

Still as far as composites are concerned this was definitely not a complex job
and I didn’t spend too long creating it. I wasn’t aiming to create anything complicated
I just did it cos I felt like it and I had a bit of free time 🙂

Me as Daenerys Targaryen with Drogon | Estee White Photography | Just For Fun
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