The Power of Digital Makeup | Workflow Video

100% Digital Makeup Art – Goddess Makeup Look


This composite took a while but it was a lot of fun doing it 🙂

I used a total of 5 photos to create it.
As a base layer I used with my own photography – this is my preferred way.

I added the blue eyes, the head piece, the hair and eventually the lips,
from other photos which I got from
I also completely changed my skin color and made it artificial black, to resemble body art paint.

I have another similar self portrait extreme manipulation composite workflow video.

Actually I have several and maybe I should put them in a separate playlist.
The things that I am doing, the changes I am making
– I am not comfortable going as extreme when working on someone else.

I use my own portrait so that I can explore my abilities with less restrictions and limitations.

Sadly sometimes people get a bit offended if I spend a lot of time retouching their portrait.
They take it personal, when actually all I am doing is practicing my editing skills
and seeing how far I can go with the specific photograph.
Different photos can handle different amounts and types of editing.

I am considering making a silver version one day – just my face,
because I have made a full body one ( only for my husband ).

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