Cheap and Easy DIY LED Ring Light for Photography & Makeup Projects

I made a DIY LED ring light 🙂 or more accurately – I gave my previous ring light a makeover.
You can see the first version of my light in my post about my setup for focus stacking macro photography.

What I did is I bought an LED self adhesive light strip that was about 1m long,
an adapter (without a switch) and a CD case and I made a ring light that had the lights facing inwards.

This was great for the projects that I was doing at the time but since I no longer do this specific type of photography I decided to adjust my light and make it more suitable for my current makeup art projects.

Here is my video – you can see everything that I did, it was quite cheap & easy 🙂
and there is a comparison of what the video looks like with and without the light.

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