DIY Headlight on a Mini Tripod – Cheap Light for Macro Photography

This is an affordable lighting option for macro photography.
Very easy to make.

With macro it’s always best to use strong lights that take less space.

The things that you are going to need.

I actually got this headlight for the backyard initially, there was a mysterious animal that kept appearing around midnight…
We only saw its shape and we saw it was white and bigger than a squirrel…
One day it just moved on and we have not seen it since.
The headlight works well for the backyard too – gives enough light so that my camera can focus.

The power of the headlight is 3W (packaging) and it is very concentrated when the subject is near by so it appears stronger.

Step 1 – Glue the 1/4″ female thumb wheel lock nut to the base of the headlight.

When the glue dries out completely – screw on the mini tripod and you are done 🙂

You will need some sort of a diffuser unless you like having persistent unwanted bokeh.

I taped a piece of plastic milk bottle – there are better options, this was just my last minute diffuser.


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1/4 Inch Tripod Ball Head pack of 2 – $9.99

Mini Octopus Style Tripod – $7.99

Super Glue – $3.97

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