Cheap Photography Gear Testing & Reviews


In this video I am reviewing ” The Beast” hah, this is how I like to call my Super Telephoto 420-800mm Manual Focus Lens. I have this nickname for the black version of the lens which I have at home. Recently I got also the white version, and I must give it a name – [...]

Recently I made this cool adjustment to my helping hands so that I can attach them to a macro rail, clip holder or even a tripod if I wish to. In this video I am showing what I did – it is very simple. Mentioned Products ↓

DIY headlight on tripod macro photography lighting

This is an affordable lighting option for macro photography. Very easy to make. With macro it’s always best to use strong lights that take less space. I actually got this headlight for the backyard initially, there was a mysterious animal that kept appearing around midnight… We only saw its shape and we saw it [...]

Ever since I saw one of the clip on LED selfie ring lights I started wondering: – How powerful is it ? – How big is it ? – Can it fit my camera lens somehow? I started searching for videos that show whether this ring light can fit a camera lens but I wasn’t [...]

I was able to use this camera for 2 years and I am very happy with the way it performed. It is a mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses, it has all the functions that I need – it has a flip screen and it can be controlled wirelessly with the RC-6 remote or with a [...]

I have been meaning to start making YouTube videos about affordable photography stuff that I get online. Finally I published my first one from this series and hopefully I will be going trough the items I have in a chronological order. Today I am reviewing the USB Microscope that I got for $11.30 including shipping. [...]

My Photography Gear in 2018

I used a lot of different cameras, for a lot of different projects. Sometimes I borrowed cameras & lenses, sometimes I rented. When I found a camera that fits my budget & needs – I bought it.  My Cameras:   Canon EOS 600D / Rebel T3i Samsung NX Mini Camera Sony A58 Canon EOS [...]

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