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seeking true mobile macro

I am starting a video series, a collection of videos, in which I am going to be testing different attachments and solutions, for achieving true 1:1 macro magnification mobile photography. In this video I am also briefly comparing achieving true macro when using a digital camera versus using a mobile phone, and I am explaining [...]

why auto focus macro not good estee white photography youtube video

When people think of macro photography, they usually think of the expensive auto focusing macro lenses. There are different versions of them but most share the following things: They are severely overpriced They can only reach the minimal macro magnification of 1:1 They are Telephoto (70mm and up) for shooting at a large distance They [...]

There are two ways of measuring macro magnification – in Camera or in Photoshop. The most important thing about magnification is that it’s directly related to the size of your camera sensor. The point when you reach true 1:1 macro magnification, will vary depending on the camera you use. In order to accurately measure your [...]

There are two ways of measuring macro magnification – in Camera or in Photoshop. A lot of people are familiar with the way to measure magnification in camera. Many even believe that all you need to do is snap a photo of a ruler… But they are missing the most important thing – magnification is [...]

I have been meaning to start making YouTube videos about affordable photography stuff that I get online. Finally I published my first one from this series and hopefully I will be going trough the items I have in a chronological order. Today I am reviewing the USB Microscope that I got for $11.30 including shipping. [...]