Behind The Scenes Glamour Photoshoot – Zuzanna & MUA | Studio

I did a lovely photoshoot with a gorgeous model and a makeup artist in my home studio.

It was the 8th of March so the model was happy that she can have some professional makeup done and professional photos taken to celebrate the international Woman’s Day.

I really enjoyed working with the girls – they were both very professional and that always helps the work process and often assures getting better results 🙂

I did film the makeup application part for the makeup artist to use and the video turned out pretty nice 🙂 But since my site and YT channel focus primarily on photography I will only include the video of the actual photoshoot.

It was around 10 in the morning so I had a lot of natural light coming trough the window – that was my key light. I balanced it with my shoot trough umbrella and a strong LED light bulb – I think it was around 23W – cool light.

I tend to always prefer using a cool light and I bring out my umbrella when I want to keep things simple. The make up already took around 40-45 min so I didn’t wanted to take any extra time in setting up my strobe on a slave move and so on…

At this point my pinched nerve on the neck was at its peak… I think. It was quite uncomfortable holding the camera close and that’s why I was using the LCD screen ( other than the viewfinder ) while taking the shots.

  • Camera – Canon 600D

  • Lens – 18-55mm ( yep the kit lens )

  • Lighting – Shoot Through Umbrella & 23W LED Light

  • Model – Zuzanna

  • MUA – Tanya

  • Photography – Estee White

  • BTS Video Recording – Estee White

  • BTS Video Recorded with – Samsung NX Mini

  • Photo & Video Post Processing – Estee White

  • Location – ‘Estee White Photography’ Home Studio

Photos featured in the video ↓

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