estee esther white digital makeup

100% Digital Makeup Art – Goddess Makeup Look    This composite took a while but it was a lot of fun doing it 🙂 I used a total of 5 photos to create it. As a base layer I used with my own photography – this is my preferred way. I added the blue […]

Well the internet is flooded with game of thrones related content… I have been thinking of creating a composite photography of me as Daenerys for a while… I guess watching the finale and watching video reactions to the finale for 2-3 days finally got to me… Daenerys was and still is one of my favorite […]

I have been a member of different photography related Facebook Groups. I joined groups for professional photography, behind the scenes, photographers and models looking for TFP collaborations, groups for photo editing and more… I shared many different personal projects, I shared experience, tried to help with advice anyway I can. I was contributing to each […]

Female Model – Elinor | Male Model – Richard Photography, BTS Video & Post Processing – Estee White Location – ‘Estee White Photography‘ Home Studio Photos featured in the video ↓   Cameras   Lense     Lighting   Post Processing Software  

My Photography Gear in 2018

I used a lot of different cameras, for a lot of different projects. Sometimes I borrowed cameras & lenses, sometimes I rented. When I found a camera that fits my budget & needs – I bought it.  My Cameras:   Canon EOS 600D / Rebel T3i Samsung NX Mini Camera Sony A58 Canon EOS 760D […]

I did a lovely photoshoot with a gorgeous model and a makeup artist in my home studio. It was the 8th of March so the model was happy that she can have some professional makeup done and professional photos taken to celebrate the international Woman’s Day. I really enjoyed working with the girls – they […]

A watermark on a photo is like a signature on a painting – the purpose is establish a link between the artwork and the creator. It is best to add watermarks to images shared on social media where anyone can download or screenshot the photo and share it and re share it and this way […]

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