Estee White

I am starting a video series, a collection of videos, in which I am going to be testing different attachments and solutions, for achieving true 1:1 macro magnification mobile photography. In this video I am also briefly comparing achieving true macro when using a digital camera versus using a mobile phone, and I am explaining [...]

Reference Photos ↓ You are welcome to download and use the following photos for non commercial purposes, as long as you don’t crop them and credit me by writing my name – Estee White Photography and either write or link my website – 1. Split Lighting 2. Broad Lighting 3. Short Lighting 4. Rembrandt [...]

It was about 9:00 am on a Sunday morning when I first noticed her in the distance. She was sitting on the tallest tree near the river and she was looking around. I am not a 100% sure, but I suspect that it is a female Bald eagle because even though she was far away [...]

When people think of macro photography, they usually think of the expensive auto focusing macro lenses. There are different versions of them but most share the following things: They are severely overpriced They can only reach the minimal macro magnification of 1:1 They are Telephoto (70mm and up) for shooting at a large distance They [...]

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