Affiliate Disclosure

 As an Amazon Associate since December 2020,
I earn a very small commission from
qualifying purchases.
Not from every link that I share – just from certain items.

The possible commission that I may earn never dictates
what I share and I am not just promoting random stuff.

I create my videos first, and they are only based on what I feel inspired to talk about.
I add the links after – when I create the blog post associated with the video.
I only share items that I have personally used and
I am completely
honest about my experience using them.

I know that sometimes it takes a while to find a specific item, this is why I like to
make it easier for my readers to find the things that I am mentioning.

I take the time to find the relevant links, I regularly check
and update the links if any item becomes unavailable.
I have on multiple occasions contacted different sellers and requested that
they renew their listings, so that I don’t end up sharing a useless link.
I use HTML & CSS to display the links & images in a visually pleasing way.
Considering that – being able to earn a little commission doesn’t seam unreasonable.

The total amount of my estimated earrings is $4.
And since I have not met the minimum threshold, I haven’t gotten payed yet.
But I am still required to write this disclosure.