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Occasionally I travel to further destinations – such as New York 🙂

My name is Esther White
and Estee is one of my nicknames.

I started doing photography in 2012.

I have been a Professional Photographer for over 9 years and I have experience with most genres of Photography.

I’ve worked in:
Israel, United Kingdom and Bulgaria.


In the last several years I have been photographing primarily Dance, Portraits, Macro and Events.

I am a hobbyist dancer, which is why I am very passionate about Dance Photography.

I also really enjoy taking portraits in my studio and outdoors.

During the Photoshoots I guide my clients – I show them many different poses end expressions and they quickly discover how they like to be photographed. Communication is very important to me.

When I do Event Photography I provide my clients with images that include the whole scene in the frame, and closeup shots that focus on specific parts of the scene. I use two cameras so I don’t lose time changing lenses.

I post process my photographs entirely by myself and I also offer photo editing as a separate service. Even though this is a type of creative work that can be shared, I have never been comfortable with someone else editing my photos and I enjoy doing photo and video editing.

Still, collaborating with other professionals has thought me that a lot can be achieved when people with a similar creative vision work together and support and inspire each other.

If you are interested you can also explore some of my earlier work.

Something worth mentioning – my father used to be a photographer, he is retired now,
but I did learn a lot about photography long before I even held a camera 🙂



Gear I Use 






Post-Processing & Graphic Design