May 2019

100% Digital Makeup Art – Goddess Makeup Look    This composite took a while but it was a lot of fun doing it :) I used a total of 5 photos to create it. As a base layer I used with my own photography – this is my preferred way. I added the blue [...]

Well the internet is flooded with game of thrones related content… I have been thinking of creating a composite photography of me as Daenerys for a while… I guess watching the finale and watching video reactions to the finale for 2-3 days finally got to me… Daenerys was and still is one of my favorite [...]

I have been a member of different photography related Facebook Groups. I joined groups for professional photography, behind the scenes, photographers and models looking for TFP collaborations, groups for photo editing and more… I shared many different personal projects, I shared experience, tried to help with advice anyway I can. I was contributing to each [...]